The Vanguard Project

Jen Bowmast and Josephine Cachemaille – The Vanguard Project, 2016, Salt Gallery, Nelson
Thanks to Rachel Brown Photography

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National Contemporary Art Award 2016, Merit Award – Cachemaille & Bowmast, “Push Me Pull You”, 2016

This installation of costumes and tools were created during a six week residency in Nelson’s Salt gallery. The artists established the gallery as a working studio using the surrounding area as a source of materials, meanings and methods of making. The project investigated both the demystification and mystification of art practice by exposing the usually hidden art making, artists’ experiments, tests and failures. The public was invited to participate as active collaborators by contributing suggestions, materials and wearing the works

Josephine Cachemaille & Jen Bowmast’s conversation began recently as distance students of AUT’s post graduate art programme. Working collaboratively during The Vanguard Project has introduced new and unexpected terrain for both artists. In particular working in a performative fashion, exposing their processes to a wider and unpredictable collaboration with each other and the public.

Wallace Art Awards 2016, Jury Award Winner – Cachemaille & Bowmast, “Are you picking up what I am putting down?”, 2016